Surveillance Techniques By A Licensed Private Investigator

Surveillance Techniques By A Licensed Private Investigator

A private investigator will use a variety of sources to track someone down and find their location. Sometimes private investigators will use a combination of surveillance techniques to track an individual.

Private investigators are usually tasked with tracking down someone to find their location or tracking down someone to conduct surveillance on them.

Tracking an individual essential comes down to 3 types of resources:

  1. Visually Tracking
  2. Socially Tracking
  3. Digitally Tracking

Let’s get into the different ways Private Investigators track or track down individuals.

What Is Surveillance?

Surveillance is the act of observing another in order to gather evidence. Surveillance is one of the most common methods private investigators use to investigate suspects and gather evidence. It can be accomplished with the knowledge of the person being surveilled (overt surveillance) or without (overt surveillance).

How Do PIs Conduct Surveillance?

How PIs Conduct Surveillance?

Mobile Surveillance: This is the most widely known type of surveillance tactic that detectives use. It entails viewing and, in most cases, following the surveillance target. It is mostly conducted covert, the surveillance detective might be observing from a certain distance or using a disguise to be able to approach the subject without being detected or looking suspicious. This practice is common in spousal investigations. Mobile Surveillance, either by foot, car, or motorbike, does not limit to a single investigator on the scene– there might be teams involved, with both stationary and mobile assets.

Technical Surveillance: Also known as A/V surveillance; it is commonly used in every type of surveillance investigation, with the purpose of gathering evidence that can be played back and reviewed later. This involves the infiltration of recording devices such as movement sensors, cameras, microphones, voice, and video recorders.

Cyber Surveillance: Similar to the objectives of the aforementioned types, digital surveillance consists of following a subject’s behavior online. This may be done in a non-intrusive way (by inadvertently checking or following the target in social media, doing online searches) or by taking a more intrusive approach (checking the web history of the subject, logging in to the subject’s social media if possible to search for evidence, checking their digital trash, etc).

Surveillance For Evidence-Gathering

At Asia Top Investigation, all surveillance operatives must be trained in Surveillance and counter-surveillance skillsets. Surveillance operatives need to be skillful in tracking techniques using the foot, mobile, and other forms of surveillance in accordance with Singapore Laws. They must know to read the situation and deploy their operatives in the correct position, which comes with experience in doing surveillance. These professional private investigators must also be aware of the law of trespassing on private property. With this in mind, Surveillance operatives will be able to conduct the surveillance effectively and efficiently without breaking any laws.

3 Criteria For Conducting Surveillance In Singapore

3 Criteria For Conducting Surveillance In Singapore

1) Experienced and well-trained private investigators with years of experience conducting Surveillance. They are trained in the art of disguise and will know how to blend into any place/situation. These highly skilled professionals will also be able to analyze the ground and give direction to the team of PIs to position themselves at the right place at the right time to get the best possible angles (if taking photo evidence) so that they get clear and precise evidence. These PIs are trained to anticipate the situation based on their experience and human behavioral reading and make the right decision as each Surveillance situation is different and required different equipment and technique. They will also maintain a sense of awareness of the target and handle the suitability. With these skills in place, they will be able to get close to a target and get the evidence required without alerting the target.

2) Using the latest and most effective surveillance equipment that can help them in gathering the evidence within legal boundaries. GPS tracking technology has been here since 30 years ago. They are many types of GPS you can buy online but some are not suitable. The private investigator used GPS which have been tried and tested for reliability and precise location report even when the target is in a building. Choosing a GPS tracking device can be challenging as you will find many online.

3) Vehicles or bikes that suit conducting Surveillance. This is important as mobile surveillance is challenging for the average driver. You not only have to follow the target while obeying the traffic laws, but you need to be in the most suitable vehicle of choice in order to follow the target into different roads and terrains to blend into the surroundings. On top of that, you have to remain incognito so that the target does not discover that you are on their tail. Our PIs are trained in defensive driving and with years of experience in mobile and foot surveillance, we are confident in following your target while gathering crucial evidence to fight your case.

Asia Top Investigation Surveillance Experience

Asia Top Investigation Surveillance Experience

Hiring an experienced private investigator to conduct investigations is important, especially surveillance. Those trained surveillance operatives are invaluable when conducting surveillance to gather evidence and reveal the truth for clients.

There are some private investigation agencies that rely on “floating” or freelance private investigators to conduct surveillance. Private investigators specializing in surveillance skill is usually far superior to those freelancer private investigators.

A skilled surveillance operative requires years of surveillance experience and training. If surveillance is not conducted correctly, it can jeopardize the whole case. Surveillance techniques used by private investigators range from physical observation to audio monitoring of conversations. The audio surveillance technique is a more sophisticated type of surveillance, used by most private investigators.

The fees of a skilled surveillance operative are only slightly above the market rate. Private Investigator Steven Tan with 20 years of surveillance experience in conducting local and oversea surveillance. Steven Tan has trained more than 60 private investigators in the art of surveillance.

Private investigator Steven Tan explains that surveillance operatives must be able to follow the subject and have the ability to capture video evidence of the subject and work within legal compliance. They are also trained to handle complicated matters that may arise while conducting surveillance. Private Investigator Steven Tan says this quality of the surveillance operatives’ skills far outweighs the cost. Private Investigator Steven Tan gives an example of when a female surveillance operative conducting the surveillance operation must be able to disguise herself as a pregnant woman in 10 seconds.

All surveillance operatives must be trained in handling the evidence-gathering equipment and must be able to capture critical evidence even if the subject is next to him/her.

Asia Top Investigation LLP believes it is vital to deploy trained surveillance operatives on the case, especially for overseas/high-profile cases.

What Is Counter Surveillance?

What Is Counter Surveillance?

Counter-surveillance is a technique used to detect and counter ongoing surveillance. Asia Top Investigation applies the techniques of counter-surveillance to ensure that it can detect the surveillance operation and also lead them away from their objective. There are basically 2 types of counter-surveillance;

  1. Electronic Counter-Surveillance
  2. Physical Counter-Surveillance

There are numerous reasons why conducting counter-surveillance is important. Someone might be gathering information about you and planning to use this information for illegal purposes. Of course, there are more reasons why surveillance operation is mounted on a target.

Asia Top investigation, Private Investigator, Steven Tan explains that when we conduct a counter-surveillance operation the objectives are to establish the reason and identify them.

We will also want to lead them in the wrong direction and reverse the surveillance and prevent them from achieving their objective. If we detect any criminal activities we will advise the target to make a police report. In today’s generation, criminals usually plan and gather information before they commit a crime. Some criminals use sophisticated equipment to conduct surveillance on their targets to avoid being detected.

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