Surveillance Techniques By Singapore Private Investigator, Steven Tan of Asia Top Investigation LLP

Singapore Private Investigators conduct surveillance on most of their cases to track and gather information on the target. The objective to conduct surveillance is to track and monitor a certain person, monitor place, or vehicle to gather information and evidence about their activities. There are two main surveillance methods Singapore Private Investigators used to monitor their target;

i) Physical Surveillance;

ii) Audio/ Video Surveillance

Private Investigator, Steven Tan from Asia Top Investigation LLP has trained more than 60 Singapore Private Investigators locally and overseas on the “Art of Surveillance”. Steven Tan explains that surveillance techniques and using an evidence-gathering equipment/device are very important in a surveillance operation. Knowledge of surveillance operations is the key to success.

Private Investigator, Steven Tan explains that in order to conduct effective surveillance, you need to have the correct equipment and devices. The background of the target is equally important like his habits, routine schedule, familiarise his neighborhood, list of properties he owns, the business he runs and the addresses, frequently visited places, mode of transport, target’s description, and or photographs, etc.

Steven Tan says the success as a Private Investigator conducting surveillance is the quality of the surveillance techniques he/she possessed and types gathering evidence equipment/devices he/she used. All the Private Investigators he trained must be able to meet the standard of the test to capture the critical evidence using the equipment/devices even target is just next to them. Not only they are able to capture the critical evidence but also to ensure that the photos and videos are clear and sharp for admission in court.

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