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As mentioned in our earlier blog, do not confront your spouse unless you have enough evidence to prove adultery otherwise it will tarnish your relationship with your spouse further.

Always remember to remain calm and compose to gather more evidence about your suspicion. Usually, the best mode to gather any incriminating evidence is to check through your spouse’s handphone and car (if any). Look out for human hair that does not belong to you and your family. Also, you can check through the car camera recordings. Keep any incriminating photos, text messages, or conversation in a secure place and make sure your spouse cannot find it. If the evidence is not strong to prove adultery, you might want to consider engaging a Private Detective.

Singapore Private Detective

Before you decided to engage a Private Detective you might want to consider asking for references from a close friend or family member. If you feel that you want to keep it private at this stage you can try to Google using keywords such as

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You are advised to read a few of the Private Detective Website carefully and make sure they are licensed by the ,Singapore Police Force (PLRD). You should be able to see the police licensed number displaying on their website. Shortlist at least 3 Private Detective Agencies and contact them. Remember not to reveal any confidential information about the case to the private detective unless you have decided to engage them. Most Private Detective Agencies will prepare an agreement for you to sign before they proceed with the investigation.

Next, make sure that you have full control of your own money and finances especially in the joint account. It is good to keep track of the household expenditure and if possible put everything exclusively in your name. If you have any child/children you might want to consider recording the date and time spent with the child/children.

Divorce Lawyer

After confirming that your spouse is cheating you might want to seek advice from a good divorce lawyer. If you don’t have a lawyer, you can ask your Private Detective for reference. Contact the lawyer and enquire about their services/cost. This information will be handy when you decided to file for a divorce. If you decided to give your marriage a second chance you can ask your Private Detective for advice or consult a Marriage Counsellor. You can read Asia Top Investigation Blogs to understand more.

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