Testifying In Court As A Private Investigator. Singapore Top Private Investigator Vincent Tan

Be it Commercial or Personal cases, Asia Top Investigation LLP will always be prepared to testify in court if needed. Some clients asked if the evidence gathered by a Private Investigator can be used in court. The answer is yes when it is done correctly and can be critical for winning a case. For this reason, always remember to use only Licensed Private Investigators who have the experience and know the parameters of the law when gathering evidence.

Singapore Private Investigators must ensure that all evidence are carefully logged with dates, time, and location. Extra steps are taken when handling digital evidence, which requires a brief written summary of what is recorded. A Private Investigator must ensure that recordings are tamper-resistant by safely securing them with two-factor authentication.

A Private Investigator testifying in court must be well prepared and read up the case file before a trial. Within the court, we must be respectful to the judge, the court, and any counsel. Always remember that we are representing our client and poor behavior will have a negative impact on the client. Remember that information is key and never volunteer information unnecessarily. Always answer truthfully. This will help your clients in the cases.

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