Thailand Private Investigators by Private Investigator Steven Tan (Asia Top Investigation LLP)

In Thailand, there are no private investigators licenses issued by the government or regulatory department. However, in general, anybody can register a company and list private investigations as business activities.

They are people claiming to be a licensed private investigator in Thailand. Some people come and go as its a competitive business. It was reported by a Thailand private investigator that some clients came to him after begin scammed. There is some Thailand private eye that will try their best to gather evidence for their clients. Most Thailand private investigators registered a company name and address on their website. They either work individually or associated with a law firm.

Thailand private investigators conducted cases such as,

1) General Surveillance

2) Criminal Records Checks

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3) Pre-Marriage Background Checks

4) Asset Tracing

5) Due Diligence

6) Litigation Support

7) Computer Forensic

8) Technical Countermeasures

9) Land Ownership verification

10) Insurance Fraud

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