Tips for Effective Communication with Your Private Detective

Tips for Effective Communication with Your Private Detective

If your private detective fails to provide useful information, one reason is that you do not know how to communicate with the detective effectively!

As you pay for a private detective, it is worth getting useful information to solve your case. Then, how to get your desired information?

You should save the following best practices to communicate with the investigators effectively!

Tips for effective communication with private detectives

#1. Interview your detective via phone calls

#1. Interview your detective via phone calls

You can look for a private investigator online or in your local directory, however, do not rush hiring one with little information. Either way, you should “interview” them via phone to verify their competency.

Remember to ask if the investigators have experience in the area you want to investigate, for example, a partner cheating on their wife or husband, children custody, insurance fraud, etc. Next, examine how the investigators usually look for information: Do they have a wide network, related skills, and tools?

What’s more, ensure the investigators provide insurance or money back in case they fail to provide you with information as expected.

#2. Hold an in-person meeting

#2. Hold an in-person meeting

Some avoid meeting their private investigators as they do not want to reveal their identities. This common mistake can lead to ineffective communication and even scams, though.

You had better see your investigators in person to double-check their claims on the phone. Be alert if the investigators try to cut you off time after time or if they do not answer your questions directly. Those people are not a good match.

It is also important to request to see their PI license issued by Singapore Police Force or PLRD.

You reveal your personal information only after the investigator proves his professionalism and trustworthiness.

#3. Be honest about the case and your expectation

If you decide to trust in a private investigator to help solve your case, try to be clear. The communication rule is honest-to-goodness. It means providing true information about the issue that can assist the investigation.

In addition, you must tell your expectation in detail – how deeply you want to look into the case and what types of information, e.g., images, papers, evidence, etc., to provide. Then, have the private investigators confirm whether they can meet your expectation, partially or completely.

#4. Keep in touch frequently

#4. Keep in touch frequently

You and your private detective should define communication methods via calls, chats, emails, or in person.

Don’t just wait for the investigator to reach out; you can also contact them to provide more information. Nonetheless, you must ensure the information is verified and reliable to prevent misleading the investigator.

What’s more, you must request the private investigator to confirm the frequency of updates. They need to send you shreds of investigation evidence at a certain time so that you know there is progress in your case.

Sum it up

Active communication is important while dealing with a private detective; thus, you should take note of our advice – for your sake!