Tips On How To Engage The Right Singapore Private Investigator 2020. Asia Top Investigation LLP

This article will teach you on the tips to engage a Private Investigation Agency in Singapore and how you can engage a right private investigator to uncover the truth and clear your suspicion.

Simple Due Diligence

The most important criterion in engaging a Private Investigation Agency is to ensure that the Agency has a valid Private Investigation Agency Licence issued by the, Singapore Police Force (SPF). A good gauge on any agency is to read the reviews on their Goggle website. Take note of the comments posted by their clients. It is normal to have positive and negative comments but make sure that the positive comments are more than the negative. Also dive deeper to read about the Private Investigators expertise and number of years’ experiences they have in the market. Read up their past case studies and see if the Private Investigation Agency practices privacy protection policy. Private Investigators must be able to analyze the information provided and offer the best cost-effective solution.

Engaging The Correct Private Investigation Agency

Some of these tips can be found in our ,Private Investigator Blog and it is very helpful to read before you engage a Private Investigator. Most Licenced Leading Top Private Investigation Agencies in Singapore will stick to legal and moral standards and only employ Licenced Private Investigators who are approved by the Singapore Police Force (SPF).

It is a known fact that conducting any type of private investigation, the result cannot be guaranteed. Do not be misled by agencies that promise guaranteed results or money back.

Cost is also one of the important factors to consider, bear in mind the saying ” Penny Wise Pound Foolish”. Many a time engaging a cheapest Private Investigator may land you in either paying up more or in the worst scenario, blow up your case. An example: some investigation agencies quoted a low fee for a surveillance job. They cut costs by deploying only 1 operative for the surveillance job. In the Private Investigation industry that it is not advisable to conduct surveillance with 1 operative. The result will end up either the target is being alerted or the operative lost sight of the target.

Asia Top Investigation LLP

At Asia Top Investigation, we provide a platform for conducting an investigation using the latest evidence gathering equipment. With our advanced equipment and skills, we are committed to providing clients with a high standard of investigation services. Our leading Senior Private Investigator, Steven Tan has been conducting surveillance since the 1990s and has rigorously trained more than 60 private investigators including covert evidence gathering locally and overseas. All our clients’ information and details will be kept strictly confidential and well protected. We have a strong network of Private Investigators worldwide with extremely strong expertise and resources to help clients to evaluate and handle cases both locally and globally.

If you or your company are seeking a licensed Private Investigator in Singapore, you can contact our Vincent Tan for a free consultation. He was awarded for Asia Top Investigator in 2012, he will be able to analyze your case and provide a realistic solution. He can be contacted at +65-9651-1969 via phone or WhatsApp.

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