To Catch A Cheating Partner…by Private Investigator Vincent Tan. (Asia Top Investigation LLP)

Suspecting your partner is cheating on you is devastating and stressful. Some clients will install spy apps on their partner’s mobile devices to confirm these suspicions. It may sound like a good idea, but it may not be suitable in Singapore. This is due to the strict law on privacy. Under the computer misuse act chapter 50A, it is illegal to install any spy apps on mobile devices that don’t belong to you. You can be charged for unlawful accessing of data. Even if you manage to obtain your partner’s love messages with his/her lover, this may not conclusively prove adultery.

Private Investigator Vincent Tan advises not to hack into your partner’s mobile devices. It was reported in The Straits Times that a private investigator and his client were both charged with unlawful access to the client’s spouse’s laptop.

Some clients will conduct their own surveillance/investigation assisted by friends or family members. Private investigator Vincent Tan warned that it can sometimes be dangerous and may lead to bitter confrontation. It is advisable to engage a private investigator licensed by the Singapore Police Force. An experienced private investigator will be able to advise you on the evidence you need in order to prove adultery. With his expertise, you can be assured that your evidence is legally obtained.

To conduct covert surveillance to gather infidelity evidence, engage a professional private investigator who has many years of experience and are well trained in this field. A private investigator is trained to gather evidence discreetly within the legal parameters. If you wish to conduct your own surveillance/investigation it will be good to seek some advice from a private investigator you trust.

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