Top 3 Questions For A Singapore Private Investigator

Top 3 Questions For A Singapore Private Investigator

Hiring a Private Investigator (PI) could be a daunting task for someone, especially if it’s your first time doing so.

In this article, we’ve written a set of top questions we get from some of our valued clients in order for you to learn and understand better what you should know before you engage a PI agency in Singapore.

  1. I suspect my partner is cheating on me, what should I do?

    Matrimonial Investigation cases can be complicated. Especially when you have young kids or family members who are not as supportive when you need them the most. However, it is not uncommon for Singaporean couples to go through trying times together. Such times, however, do not include infidelity in relationships.

    When you suspect your partner is having an affair, it can be the most depressing chapter in your life. You will feel betrayed and angry. Your mind will run wild and you might not be able to think straight. Some might ask for advice from close friends and relatives, and others may start question themselves, hoping that it’s not the truth.

    If You Suspect Your Partner Is Having An Affair, you should read this article (Avoid These 3 Things If You Suspect Your Partner Is Having An Affair, by Expert Private Investigator) to better understand what your next step should be.

    If you’ve decided to end the relationship, this article on How To Cope With Divorce In Singapore should help. If you’re still unsure about what you should do, you should consider reading this article on how to deal with suspecting your partner’s infidelity, or this article on What to do if you suspect your partner is cheating.

  2. How do I go about engaging a PI?

    Experienced Matrimonial Investigator, Vincent Tan from Asia Top Investigation, talks about how PIs conduct surveillance to gather the evidence needed for our clients. Be it for court proceedings to win child custody, or just for your peace of mind, we understand that the art of surveillance has to be executed effectively, especially in times of uncertainty and delicacy such as a matrimonial investigation case.

  3. What should I look out for before hiring a PI Agency?

    The most important thing you might ask is the cost of hiring a PI agency, and how do you go about hiring a reliable PI. While the cost might vary depending on the complexity of your case as well as the method executed to conduct the investigation, a rule of thumb is that you should never be swayed by the cheap prices of a PI agency as there may be hidden costs involved which might be billed to you later.

    Instead, go for a reputable and experienced PI agency that has the confidence to complete the job in the most effective way. If you’re ready to hire a PI, you may also wish to read this article to see what to look out for when hiring a PI agency in Singapore.

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Top 3 Questions For A Singapore Private Investigator

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Top 3 Questions For A Singapore Private Investigator


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