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Ever wondered what the difference between a ,licensed private investigator and a freelance private investigator is? Choosing the ,right private investigator can be difficult especially if you don’t know what qualities to ,look for. In today’s article, we’ll explore 3 differences between a licensed private investigator and a freelance private investigator that we recommend you consider before hiring one.

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#1 Absence of a license from the authorities

Not everyone out there claiming to be a “private investigator or PI” are actually licensed to do so. While private investigation agencies often have an official license, it is tough to know if the license that freelancers have, if any, is even valid. It’s important to find a well-established private investigator that is fully licensed to conduct private investigation services in your area. The private investigator agency’s website should have a license number noted either for an individual or agency. You can request to see their license and proof of insurance before you hiring them as well.

#2 Absence of background checks

Freelance private investigators may or may not have gone through any background checks before they started freelancing and this brings about the risk of them having little to no prior professional experience in the field as well as having past criminal records. They might also have had past incidents of committing unethical acts during investigations but are not honest about it. These considerations cannot be fully determined since the client can only take the private investigator’s word for it. Most ,licensed private investigation agencies, on the other hand, would have vetted through their employees’ backgrounds and criminal records before hiring them. Constant in-house and on-the-job training would also instill values of honesty and integrity.

#3 Lack of Proper Equipment and Resources

Private investigators need to procure the right tools when it comes to spy and surveillance ,equipment. They should be well-prepared for any mission with cutting-edge ,spy cameras and other equipment to aid them in carrying out successful investigations and help locate ,accurate information. Without the proper equipment, private investigators lack the right evidence to put their case forward. There is a limit to the type of equipment and ,resources that freelance private investigator can have access to when working by themselves. This will not be a problem when engaging a licensed private investigation agency as the establishment would have the finances to constantly ,upgrade their equipment to suit the demand.

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