What does a matrimonial investigator look for?

Meta: What does a matrimonial investigator look for? Know the answer so that you can set the expectation when hiring a professional matrimonial investigator!

What does a matrimonial investigator look for?

Marriage is based on sharing and caring, but unfortunately, you recently get signs that your spouse is hiding something from you. Thus, you cannot get a piece of mind. We strongly recommend hiring a matrimonial investigator at that time – for good reasons!

As their job title reveals, matrimonial investigators help you look into cases related to marriage, the married state, or married persons. For example, those investigators can gather evidence for marital disputes, catch a cheating spouse, protect you from getting involved in dangerous marriages, etc.

In detail, here are cases in which a matrimonial investigator usually looks for:

#1. Spousal surveillance

Spousal surveillance

Spousal surveillance is the most common reason to contact a private matrimonial investigator. This makes sense as a report revealed a tough truth that 45-55% of married women and 50-60% of married men would veer into extramarital sex in their lifetimes.

Just be calm when you cannot shake the warning signs that your partner is running around behind your back. Next, contact an investigator to confirm the truth and take reasonable action.

#2. Pitfalls of online dating

While online dating can definitely result in a true romantic relationship, you must also be careful as scams ramp up.

Suppose you are serious about someone but cannot find much information about them. In that case, you can hire a matrimonial investigator to conduct detailed background checks, confirm contact information and identity, or even follow the subjects to verify their location, activities, and place of employment.

#3. Pre-matrimonial investigation

Pre-matrimonial investigation

Getting married is a long-term commitment; thus, it is fair to know more about your soon-to-be wife or husband. Sometimes it is difficult to ask your partner directly, though.

Fortunately, there are pre-marriage Investigation services to ease any worries. Professional investigators can inform you about your groom or bride’s characteristics, family reputation, financial status, education and employment, litigation records, past marriages, drug abuse habits, etc.

#4. Child custody

You might suspect your spouse does not have enough responsibility to become your child’s guardian. Then, you can have private investigators conduct a child custody investigation and detect any signs of sexual, emotional, physical, or psychological abuse.

Remember that evidence must be reliable without bias to be used and admissible in court.

Child custody

Where to hire a matrimonial investigator in Singapore?

You can simply contact the Singapore Best Private Investigators at Asia Top Investigation Agency and tell them your situation.

All investigators here are certified with valid Private Investigation Agency Licenses with the Singapore Police Force (PLRD) and deal with all services mentioned above.

You can expect your cases to be solved quickly and professionally.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know what a matrimonial investigator usually looks for, you can rest assured of having a helping hand for any marriage problems.

Just drop our investigators a line!