What Is Counter-Surveillance? By Steven Tan Private Investigator Of Asia Top Investigation LLP

Counter-surveillance is a technique used to detect and counter ongoing surveillance. Asia Top Investigation applies the techniques of counter-surveillance to ensure that it can detect the surveillance operation and also lead them away from their objective. There are basically 2 types of counter-surveillance ;

i) Electronic Counter-Surveillance; and

ii) Physical Counter-Surveillance

There are numerous reasons why conducting counter-surveillance is important. Someone might be gathering information about you and planning to use this information for illegal purposes. Of course, there are more reasons why surveillance operation is mounted on a target. Asia Top investigation, Private Investigator, Steven Tan explains that when we conduct a counter-surveillance operation the objectives are to establish the reason and identify them. We will also want to lead them in the wrong direction and reverse the surveillance and prevent them from achieving their objective. If we detect any criminal activities we will advise the target to make a police report. In today’s generation, criminals usually plan and gather information before they commit a crime. Some criminals use sophisticated equipment to conduct surveillance on their target to avoid been detected.

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