What Is The Best Tracking Device Used By Private Investigators? Certified International Investigator

As mentioned in our previous post, there are a few hundred different types of tracking devices available in the market. These tracking devices cost ranges from S$20 upwards. Most Private Investigators use tracking devices to help them to conduct surveillance. There are many tracking devices that promise accurate result which can pinpoint the target location within 50 meters. Some sellers promote these tracking devices by posting videos to market on how small and portable the device and how effective they work. However, these trackers may be very small but they only work on ,2G technology. Hence do take note that some of these tracking devices will not work in Singapore or some other countries.

Global Positioning System GPS

GPS was originally developed in the United States Military, and in the ’80s United States government allowed the system to be used for civilian purposes. As GPS technology improve rapidly it has become an important part of our modern daily life that we are becoming more dependent on it. We are now almost certain that near future cars will be driverless using advanced GPS Technology.

Asia Top Investigation GPS tracker

Asia Top Investigation LLP leading Private Investigator Vincent Tan has been using GPS tracking devices to conduct his surveillance for more than 15 years. He is considered an expert in GPS tracking devices. Over the years he has tried more than 50 different types of tracking devices, modify the devices to suit his specific purpose with very positive results. As technology improved, GPS trackers have the capability to even automatically switches off the tracker when you board an airplane. Vincent Tan explains that an effective tracking device used by a Private Investigator must have the following 3 important functions:

1) It must be able to pinpoint accurately the location of the target even inside a building or underground;

2) The tracker must be able to work globally and effectively even the subject travel overseas without the need to change the SIM card; and

3) The tracking device must be able to last at least 60 hours running and small enough to be hidden in a handbag, clutch bag or in other carriers.

At Asia Top Investigation, our experienced Private Investigators can provide clients with the most cost-effective methods to gather evidence by using the correct GPS tracker. We can advise clients on the range of GPS tracking devices available and provide training to use them effectively. When a tracking device is installed correctly with the specific setting mode adjusted to the client’s requirement, it will be able to track the target with pinpoint accuracy. Asia top Investigation LLP have assisted many clients to confirm or clear their suspicions and put their worries to rest without incurring a large amount of money to conduct surveillance. The clients can be assured that excellent technical advice will be provided as we are committed to assisting clients in solving their cases.

Is tracking Devices Legal in Singapore?

Yes, using a tracking device is legal in Singapore but If you decide to install a tracking device in someone’s car it is advisable to consult with your lawyer or a Licenced Private Investigator. Different country has a different law on installing a tracking device. Most Private Investigators know that there is a grey area when installing a tracking device. At Asia Top Investigation LLP, we always ensure that the car belongs to the client or client’s family before we install the device. There are many other ways for clients to have a legit way to place a tracking device. For clients, it is crucial to engage a licensed Private Investigation Agency that knows the legal boundaries.

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If you would like to know more about how G,PS tracking device can help you to gather evidence on your case, we will be happy to help! For more information, you can contact us at +65-9651-1969 via phone or WhatsApp.




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