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Infidelity is an enemy that you will not want to encounter. However, if it happens: Please try to stay calm and stay strong advised Vincent Tan, Asia Top Investigator with 25 years of experience in dealing with Matrimonial Investigation. Usually, the first thing in your mind is to confront your partner. The truth will bring you heartache, agony, misery, and anguish. You may start to question why it happens.

It is good to seek support from TRUSTED friends or family members but not to broadcast to others as it might worsen the situation. You can engage a professional Private Investigator to assist you to seek the truth. Although you want answers straight away but by confronting your partner without evidence will be devastating. It will not only encourage your partner to be extra careful but may in return being accused of being paranoid.

There are also reasons for extra-marital affairs to happen even in some happy relationships. Give yourself some time to think about what you want and reflect on whether if you are prepared to forgive or move on.

Free consultation from Private Investigators

You might want to consider seeking the advice from a Matrimonial Investigator or a Marriage counsellor for advice. An experienced Private Investigator will listen to your case, analyze your situation, and provide the best option. The discussion should be kept strictly confidential. Give yourself time to think carefully if you want to proceed. A good Private Investigator will be able to give you the correct advice on how to gather evidence that can be presented in the court of law. If the evidence confirmed that your partner is cheating, you will have a few options. Most commonly clients will proceed with either a divorce petition or try to give the marriage a second chance.

Giving Your Marriage A Second Chance

To give your marriage a second chance, be honest and open with your partner. Talk about the affair how it has hurt you. After the talk, ask your affair partner to sleep in a different room as you need time to think. There is no guarantee in marriage but you can at least avoid getting hurt again. Some affair partners will deny while some will show that they are sorry and are willing to repent especially if it is a one-time affair. Be prepared to set physical and emotional boundaries to keep yourself safe. Do not show any evidence obtained at this point in time. Your Private investigator will advise you step by step on how to give your marriage a second chance. Please read further on our next blog ….

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