Why must you hire an experienced private investigator/private detective by Private Eye Steven Tan

Hiring an experienced private investigator/private detective is vital in obtaining critical evidence for court proceedings. An experienced private investigator/private detective required years of experience in conducting an investigation. He must be trained to gather evidence and has good surveillance skill. He must have the knowledge to ensure the information/ evidence obtained is legal. Even some cases may not involve the legal system at first, but it’s good to having a general understanding as it might end up in a courtroom.

An experienced private investigator can detect and uncover pieces of information/evidence that may be unavailable/hidden to normal people. He must understand how the law applies to different types of investigation/ surveillance/ evidence gathering and privacy.

Experienced Private Investigator/ Top Experience Private Investigator/ Singapore Experienced Investigator

They are trained to operate most of the latest covert evidence gathering equipment to obtain video/audio evidence in a covert way that the subject is unaware. Those video/audio evidence is important for court proceedings. The private investigator will need to attend court as an expert witness.

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